Take a moment to watch this public service announcement about the Desert Discovery Center from Scottsdale Councilman, Guy Phillips.

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Notice of Claim To City of Scottsdale

Exposing the Myths

Rebuttal to David Smith’s justification

City Contacts

Protect Our Preserve Presentation

Presentation to MSC Stewards

Presentation to Scottsdale Community Council 10/19/2017

Current Map of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

DDC Issues and Solutions

Graph of DDC Size and Cost Growth over time

An Accurate Timeline of the DDC as it has unfolded over 20 years.

Kroy Eckblaw’s DDC Timeline Clarified and Annotated

Preserve Ballot Summaries and Language

Alternative DDC Site Analysis

Gammage Memorandum on why DDC conforms to the Preserve Ordinance

1994 Preserve Voter Survey

1998 Preserve Voter Survey

Watch public comments with regard to the DDC at the June 7, 2016 Scottsdale “City Council Regular and Special Meetings” on Player.  Comments begin at 2:24:10. You must click on “player” next to the June 7th meeting in the list.

DDC in the News:

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DDC Documents:

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