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Petition for Declaratory Judgment

The Long-Awaited Desert Discovery Center Proposal Report

Historical Documents

Year Event
1986 Original DDC Concept @ PPP
1993 Desert Task Force Study
1994 Voter Survey 1994
1997 Desert Sub Committee Report
1998 Voter Survey 1998
1999 Langdon Wilson Report
1999 Access Areas Report
2000 Preserve Ordinance
2006 Nichols Tourism Group & Weddle Gilmore study
2006 City Business Plan for DDC
2007 MUMSP for Gateway approved
2008 ConsultEcon Report
2010 Swaback Partners Report
2010 Swaback Partners Presentation
2012 City Attorney opinion to MSPC
2012 RFP for Operator
2013 Places Consulting 5 year plan
2013 Alternate site report (Swaback Partners)
2015 RFQ for design and operation
2015 DDCS Response
2016 DDCS Contract

DDCS Q&A Annotated

DDCS Public Meeting Comment Cards

Petition To City Council to Require Public Vote

Summary of City Public Surveys