Renegade Ramble: Day 29

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RENEGADE RAMBLE. Day 29: 12.4 Miles
Total Mileage Thus Far: 204.3 Miles

I’m seeking $20 donations for each mile, but will accept any amount.

I was the recipient of a generous shuttle to Dove Valley Trail and home this morning. Thanks. 136th Street Express to Montello (Northeast Boundary) and back to Hawksnest Trail. Hawksnest Trail west. Dove Valley Trail. High Desert Trail north and back. Dove Valley Trail. Barb’s Trail and back.

As I enjoy the muggy sunrise, I wrap myself in silk. I wonder whether I might be a topic of local arachnid gossip…{who does she think she is barging through here this early? LOL, she’s not hurting for breakfast!}
Coyotes conspire to announce the impending distraction.

Listen for yourself!

The exciting news is this: I have hiked over 200 miles since I began on this day last month. In trying to wrap my own mind around this distance, I found that driving from the corner of Shea and Scottsdale to Yuma, AZ is also 200 miles. For a more local perspective, I could have hiked from Desert Ridge Marketplace to Tempe Town Lake and back four times and would be back at Tempe Town Lake. My sister, Megan Marie pointed out that I have nearly hiked 8 marathons. I have to be honest; I feel rather tough, and tired.

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