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Howard Myers, Betty Janik, and Kate Conway     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 1/13/2017

Protect Our Preserve Board Members

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Protect Our Preserve: We are Not a Fake News Organization

Scottsdale, AZ: Protect Our Preserve rejects the Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale’s characterization of our organization as a disseminator of “fake news”. This past week, Protect Our Preserve penned a letter to supporters of the Desert Discover Center Scottsdale; we published it on our website and linked it in a letter to those who have asked to receive updates from our organization. In this letter, we noted that we are not against the Desert Discovery Center (DDC), per se, rather we question the location of the Desert Discovery Center in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, the Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale countered our letter with a press release published by “The Peak” accusing Protect Our Preserve and NoDDC of “misinformation and inaccurate claims”.  To be clear, NoDDC and Protect Our Preserve are separate organizations. Protect Our Preserve is a nonprofit organization, and as such, we have tirelessly striven to be factual in our representation of the issues tied to the Desert Discovery Center.

  • See the following for a link to the DDCS press release:

  • In their press release, Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale presented bulleted points intended to discredit valid information presented by Protect Our Preserve. Please see our responses at the following link:

  • Please see our letter to supporters of the DDC at the following link:

Protect Our Preserve is a non-profit organization registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission. We are an organization of citizens who believe that the McDowell Sonoran Preserve should remain a Preserve and free from commercial development.  We are dedicated to maintaining Scottsdale’s preserved desert and mountain lands by opposing inappropriate development in them.

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