Notice of Claim Filed!

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To Our Loyal Supporters:

A Notice of Claim has just been filed against the City of Scottsdale demanding that the City suspend development and expenditures of public funds for the DDC until a City vote is held approving these actions.  NoDDC and Protect Our Preserve are Plaintiffs in this action.  It is the quickest and most direct way to stop the DDC from further action.
NoDDC and Protect Our Preserve are working together and are 100% behind this.  Ms. Pat Shaler and Mr. Mike Norton from NoDDC are contributing their time for legal research and drafting which will result in a significant reduction in legal expenses, estimated to be in excess of $100,000.  Protect Our Preserve is collecting the funds required for the effort with the help of an anonymous donor who will contribute up to $25,000 in matching funds dollar for dollar to the Protect Our Preserve account.  These funds are designated to cover costs for our legal action to stop the construction of the DDC in the Preserve without a vote.  We have until July 31st to collect the $25,000 from you, our supporters, to take advantage of this generous offer.   To date, we have collected over $9,000 from donors and $9000 in matching funds.  We still have $16,000 of matching funds available.  Please consider donating.
The lawsuit is a partnership between all of us who hold the Preserve dear.  This includes Protect Our Preserve with Howard Myers and his rich history as a protector of all things Preserve for over 20 years, Betty Janik and Kate Conway working hard to spread the word through community outreaches  and personal conversations with over 5000 people; Jason Alexander of NoDDC with his PR campaign, current research and FOIA disclosures reaching over 2000 followers on Facebook; Pat and Mike who provide valuable legal assistance; and finally, our loyal supporters who continue to spread the word.
There are several possible paths the Notice of Claim and subsequent legal action can take.  We will do our best to keep you updated.  Check in on our Facebook pages and websites for updates.

To Donate**:
By check – best way, no admin fees:
Protect Our Preserve, Inc
POB 3422
Carefree, AZ 85377

**NOTE:  Your donation is NOT tax deductible.

FOLLOW the  matching funds campaign on Go Fund Me at above address and on our web site under the News tab “Donor Recognition.”

Many Thanks,
Howard, Betty and Kate

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