Renegade Ramble: Day 21

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RENEGADE RAMBLE. Day 21: 9.1 Miles
Total Mileage Thus Far: 150.7 Miles

I’m seeking $20 donations for each mile, but will accept any amount.
We only need another $760 to meet our goal of $25,000 by the end of July.

Sunrise Trailhead. Sunrise Trail to Sunrise Peak Spur. Andrews-Kinsey Trail to AK4 and returning to Sunrise Trail. 136th Street Spur to 136th Street Trailhead.

The beneficent Joe Durnell kept me company and provided shuttle again this morning. Thanks for your affability to my last minute decision to hike the Andrews-Kinsey Trail in addition to the Loop I had mentioned.

We had opportunity to pitch our cause to about a dozen other diaphoretic early-bird excursionists. The gent I met near Sunrise Peak Spur had it in his head that more people need to take advantage of the Preserve; therefore, the DDC is a great idea. At this point in my journey, I have literally spent hours stopping to educate Preserve users, some of whom have been thoroughly taken with DDC marketing. Countering the madness is an exercise in patience. Sometimes I possess mental clarity to offer immediate facts to address concerns. Other times {including this morning} the physical exertion has taken its toll, and I’m tapped out. I think of a good response further down the trail…

To the gent I am referring to: The DDC assertion that more people will be exposed to the Preserve has no basis in reality, as there has not been market research conducted to determine what (if any) demand might exist for such a facility. Check it out for yourself.

The hike toward Fountain Hills boasts grand vistas. It’s well worth the trip for an enterprising individual.

If you don’t have knee issues, and there’s no rain in the forecast, please plan to hike down 136th Street Wash Trail. Stick to the wash and enjoy a secret desert paradise.

If you’d like to hike a leg with me, or a if you have ideas of how might raise additional funds or awareness, message me today.

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