Renegade Ramble: Day 15

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RENEGADE RAMBLE. Day 15: 11.0 Miles. Total Distance Thus Far: 104.7 Miles

I am seeking $20 donations for each mile but will accept any amount: We only need another $1500 to meet our goal of $25,000 by the end of July!

Granite Mountain Trailhead. Bootlegger Trail to GM4. South on Granite Mountain Loop Trail. Around to Cow Poke Trail. Old Paint Wash. Renegade Trail. Soapberry Wash Trail. Desperado Trail. Coyote Canyon Trail southwest. Granite Mountain Loop Trail. Bootlegger Trail back to Trailhead.

Starting out on Bootlegger Trail, I interrupted what must have been a four-star bunny-buffet this morning. I passed more munching cottontails than I’ve ever encountered. The little fur-balls were also braver than in days past. Maybe the words gotten out that rabbit’s not on my menu?

Monsoon moisture has modified the scent of the Preserve; its essence shifted from arenaceous to striving for verdant. Molecules of damp horse manure bind to the cilia in the back of my nose {which is not as unpleasant as it might sound}.

I made a wrong turn at the intersection of Bootlegger and Granite Mountain Loop, which only caused me to do part of the route I’d planned backwards. It must have been meant to be, because I was paying attention when gray flycatcher? landed on a brittle bush not far off the trail. I was partially hidden by a large boulder, so I stopped to behold his delicate beauty. Eventually he noticed me and showed off a bit with magnificent aerial acrobatics. One of his gang, not to be outdone added a flourish to the performance. Before I knew it, I swear the whole colony was sitting in a nearby palo verde watching the show and taking turns one or two at a time. Magical.

On the Granite Mountain Loop Trail, you may notice a granite gentleman scowling {or half-smiling} at your progress. Blow him a kiss for me. Also on Granite Mountain Loop Trail, I happened upon a pair of saguaros who are obviously long-time mates. They’ve got their arms flung around one another in the most touching gesture.

I’ve included one of my maps today at the behest of Jason Alexander. I’ve highlighted the trails I’ve covered since I began this “Renegade Ramble” two weeks ago. I’m making progress!

If you’d like to hike a leg with me, or if you have suggestions about how might raise money and awareness, please contact me.

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